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Publishable Notes For Observations Of Minor Planets
Alphabetic note shown with some of the observations are defined according to the scheme below. Non-alphabetic codes are used to differentiate between different programs at the same site and such codes will be defined in the headings for the individual observatories in the Minor Planet Circulars.

  A  earlier approximate position inferior
  a  sense of motion ambiguous
  B  bright sky/black or dark plate
  b  bad seeing
  C  correction to earlier position (do not use on newly-submitted observations)
  c  crowded star field
  D  declination uncertain
  d  diffuse image
  E  at or near edge of plate
  F  faint image
  f  involved with emulsion or plate flaw
  G  poor guiding
  g  no guiding
  H  hand measurement of CCD image
  I  involved with star
  i  inkdot measured
  J  J2000.0 rereduction of previously-reported position
  K  stacked image
  k  stare-mode observation by scanning system
  M  measurement difficult
  m  image tracked on object motion
  N  near edge of plate, measurement uncertain
  O  image out of focus
  o  plate measured in one direction only
  P  position uncertain
  p  poor image
  R  right ascension uncertain
  r  poor distribution of reference stars
  S  poor sky
  s  streaked image
  T  time uncertain
  t  trailed image
  U  uncertain image
  u  unconfirmed image
  V  very faint image
  W  weak image
  w  weak solution


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